Embrace The Land

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Wildlife conservation is one of the three main goals of the Conservation Reserve Program, and it’s not hard for sportsmen to see that CRP works. By incentivizing private owners to repurpose their land, CRP has helped restore wildlife habitat and improve thousands of waterways since the program’s inception. In fact, CRP acres in the northern plains states make up a vital share of nesting habitat for more than half of North America’s waterfowl. And CRP is helping landowners to voluntarily restore and supplement sage grouse habitat across the West, providing a much needed boost to a species in decline. Whitetail deer, black bears, pheasants, quail, wild turkeys, and countless other species have also been rebounding thanks to the conservation of millions of acres of grasslands and buffers through CRP.

CRP’s impact on water quality is especially notable. Through smart land management decisions, like the installation of waterway buffers, CRP protects more than 170,000 stream miles with trees and grasses. This improvement means cleaner drinking water and better fish habitat near CRP fields and downstream.

If that weren’t enough, many farmers, ranchers, and forest owners also open CRP acres to hunters and anglers in their communities.

Sportsmen all over the country want to maintain resilient fish and game populations, and CRP is one of the most successful conservation programs for private lands. Unfortunately, there’s little room left in CRP for private landowners who want to help, and so fish and wildlife are also at risk of being crowded out. Year after year, the acreage cap placed on CRP has been reduced and sportsmen and women need to take action to reverse this downward trend—for the sake of fish, wildlife, and our sporting heritage.